9 Ways To Speed Up Your Website & Improve Rankings With A Best SEO Company in Dubai


9 Ways To Speed Up Your Website & Improve Rankings With A Best SEO Company in Dubai

You’ve finally launched your new website, but now you’re realizing that it takes forever to load on mobile devices—if people can even load it at all! Even worse, you’re worried that your site isn’t optimized for search engines, so you’re not getting the traffic you wanted and deserve. Don’t worry; these simple fixes will have your site humming in no time! Webtek Digital, the best SEO company in Dubai will show you how to speed up your website and improve SEO with these quick and easy hacks.

  1. A Digital SEO Company Always Performs a Page Speed Test

Page speed is a huge factor in determining your rankings, and Google recommends that your website must load in 2 seconds or less. However, you don’t want to stress about squeezing every millisecond of performance out of your website; there are plenty of other factors affecting page speed. But you should still perform a page speed test: it’s easy and free with tools used by Webtek Digital, a leading SEO company in Dubai.

  •  Minimize HTTP Requests

As web pages get larger and more complex, they require more HTTP requests to render. Webtek Digital’s best SEO services in Dubai keep your page load times down by minimizing how many resources you require on each page. The experts have the right tools to compress your site images so that they make fewer HTTP requests.

  • Keyword selection for Best SEO Services in Dubai

A catchy blog title is great, but it means nothing if no one can find your website. It’s important to pick a keyword that isn’t too competitive—which is why you need an experienced SEO company in Dubai.

Creating a website blog page may seem like a relatively simple process, but in reality, it involves much more than picking a cool-sounding topic and hoping for success. Keyword research plays a major role when it comes to your website’s search engine rankings.

  • Compressing Data

The number one issue with slow load times is big files—or, in other words, high file sizes. A webpage that’s chock-full of media (images, videos) will take longer to load than a simpler version.

You may easily minimize the load time and speed up your website by compressing your files.

A page with a lot of huge media files will be bulky and take a long time to load. However, if your files are minimal, they will load rapidly. As a result, you must reduce the size of your files while maintaining their quality.

Compressing the files will help you save space. Webtek Digital, the best SEO company in Dubai will do a compression audit to speed up your website.

The experts have the right tools that compress huge files into smaller ones, reducing download times by up to 70%. Because CSS and HTML files are typically larger, this is the best option.

  • Use Caching

Caching, or caching websites for short, is a means of storing a website’s files and images on servers so that visitors don’t have to load them from your server every time they request it. In other words, you’ve already done most of the work in creating a webpage; now you just have to store those files somewhere else so that when users visit your site again and again, they’ll be able to get right where they left off without having to access your server each time.

By doing this, an SEO company in Dubai ensures that when the user returns to your website, it will load significantly faster.

This feature isn’t useful when a person visits your page for the first time; instead, it improves the visitor’s experience when they browse your site repeatedly.

  • Optimizing the Metatags on Your Website

The information you see in search engine results is also known as metadata. Metadata includes elements like titles, descriptions, and image ALT tags that let search engines know what each page is about. As such, it’s a good idea to include some relevant metadata for each page of your website—or at least update it if necessary.

Webtek Digital’s best SEO services in Dubai make sure thatyour meta title has keywords. The meta description, on the other hand, is a two- to-three-lines textual explanation of what is covered on the page. It should be enough informative to entice them to visit your website.

Both meta titles and meta descriptions aid in the organic traffic generation of your website. Because meta titles are so important in search engine results, they must include the appropriate keyword.

  • Reduce Script Size

A reputable digital SEO company has the right website plugins that compress your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code before it’s served up to your visitors. This reduces load times because you’re serving fewer data over time, as well as making your site more resilient.

  • Choose the Right Hosting Option for Your Website

Hosting is an area where you can save yourself a lot of money. Shared hosting is far less expensive than buying or renting your server, and it will get you up and running much more quickly. A skilled SEO company in Dubai will look for a hosting option that gives you unlimited bandwidth. You can always find ways to cut corners in other areas of your budget—but having enough bandwidth is essential.

  • Creating a Link-Worthy Website

For your site to rank well, it needs lots of high-quality links pointing at it. Since Google looks at a whole bunch of different factors when ranking sites, link quantity alone isn’t enough—the links have to be coming from reputable sites in their niche. So how do you go about getting those? In short: a well-skilled digital SEO company creates great content for your website. The expert SEO writers will develop posts that are interesting and relevant and get other bloggers talking about them; encourage them to include links back to your site within their posts.


There you have it all. These nine tactics can help you market your company on search engine results pages. Webtek Digital is the best SEO company in Dubai that specializes in all these services.