Top 10 Hacks To Secure Your WordPress Site: REVEALED By A Top Website Developer in Dubai


Top 10 Hacks To Secure Your WordPress Site: REVEALED By A Top Website Developer in Dubai



Do you own a WordPress business website? Security must come first if you have an online presence. And a WordPress content management system is also no exception.

No, don’t get it wrong. Overall, WordPress is the most-liked and secure content management system, but due to its open-source nature, it has a few security breaches. Fortunately, achieving WordPress security is easy if you outsource the best website developer in Dubai.

Let’s explore the details of the most widespread security flaws related to utilizing WordPress in this blog. After that, you will learn how to operate a safe and secure WordPress website.

But First, Why Do You Need WordPress Security?

The best web designing company in Dubai explains why security is a top priority for every successful WordPress website. These apply to companies of all shapes, sizes, and reputations. Cleary, it calls for your concerns as well. The reasons to secure your website include:

  • It safeguards your data and reputation.
  • Your clients need to have their data safe and protected.
  • Google always favors secure websites in general.
  • A WordPress site hack will seriouslyharm your company’s reputation and ROIs.
  • Worse, you can end yourself having to pay ransomware to hackers to get back into your website.

According to a recent Google report, over 50 million internet visitors have received alerts that the websites they are visiting may be infected with malware or contain data thieves.

Additionally, each week Google blacklists 50,000 websites for phishing and 20,000 websites for malware.You should pay additional attention to WordPress security if your website is a business.

As an owner of an online business, it is your job to safeguard your company website. Wondering how can you do it? Simple, Join hands with an expert website designing company in Dubai. Here are some best practices they will follow to help your secure your website.

  • Using A Reliable Web Host

Your site’s first line of protection against attacks is a reliable web host. Therefore, avoid choosing cheap shared hosting out of habit. Do your homework instead and outsource professional web developers who practice what they preach.

An expert website developer in Dubai will choose a dependable host that supports the most recent iterations of fundamental web technologies like PHP and MySQL. The professionals will make sure your host supports PHP 7 because that is the PHP version that is officially advised for use with WordPress. Be rest assured that an experienced agency will take care of all the crucial technical elements of hosting, such as security, backups, uptime, and performance.

  • Using Fewer User Permissions Will Cut Down on Third-Party Risk

However, it also pertains to the passwords of other users on your website, not simply your own. Make sure everyone is permitted to perform their necessary tasks exclusively to reduce the risk they provide. For that reason, it makes sense to familiarise yourself with WordPress user roles to comprehend what each position entails and what it is capable of.

For instance, you shouldn’t grant admin access to a one-time guest blogger. Most certainly, a contributor role would be safer, as says the best web development company in Dubai.

  • Using Only Premium Themes And Plugins

Only downloading plugins and themes from reliable sources is the simplest approach to ensure that they can withstand attacks. An experienced web development company in Dubai will never compromise your safety by downloading shady plugins including harmful codes and themes.

  •  An Upgrade To PHP’s Most Recent Version

One of the most crucial actions you can take to keep your WordPress website secure is to upgrade to the most recent version of PHP. WordPress will tell you on your dashboard when an upgrade is ready. Your hosting account will then be prompted to upgrade to the most recent PHP version. Contact the best website developer in Dubai to upgrade if you are unable to log into your hosting account.

  • Enabling HTTPS and SSL

With the use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which encrypts connections between your website and visitors’ web browsers, you can make sure that no unauthorized parties may read the data sent between your website and their machines.

The best web designing company in Dubai will always ask you to enable SSL on your WordPress website. It will improve SEO, but it will also have a direct impact on how visitors perceive your website. When a website doesn’t implement the SSL protocol, Google Chrome will even alert users, directly reducing website traffic.

  • Laying in A Firewall

An automatic firewall keeps unauthorized traffic from accessing your network or system from the outside by placing itself between the network that hosts your WordPress site and all other networks. Firewalls block direct connections between your network and other networks, keeping dangerous activities away from your website.

To secure your WordPress website, a top web development company in Dubai advises adding the right plugin. The team will consider carefully which kind of firewall and plugin will work best for your needs before making the final decision.

  • Don’t Use A Common Username Like “Admin”

Don’t make your site’s username “admin.” Because “admin” was the default username in earlier versions of WordPress, hackers had an easier time guessing it during a brute force assault.

Recent WordPress updates have changed this, allowing users to choose their username during installation. A top-notch website designing company in Dubai will make it more difficult for hostile attackers to access your website.

  • Using Two-Factor Authentication

Many websites still struggle with brute force assaults even when using strong usernames and passwords. Two-factor authentication can be useful in this situation.

By requiring users to provide a code given to their mobile phone in addition to their regular login information, two-factor authentication adds a step to the login process. This can prevent automatic attacks and guarantee that hackers won’t target your website.

  • Your Website Needs A Backup

It’s horrible to get hacked. Even worse is losing all of your information. That is why, a website developer in Dubai always makes sure WordPress and your host have a copy of your website’s data in case of an attack (or any other catastrophe) that results in data loss. We advise automatic backups as well. Check out our ranking of the top WordPress backup plugins.

  • Increasing Security Keys

Passwords and other sensitive information are protected by WordPress security keys and salts, which encrypt data stored in browser cookies.

These authentication keys make it more difficult to guess your passwords because they are essentially a collection of random variables.


Don’t take your website security for granted. Consult Webtek Digital for the best web designing services in Dubai and give your clients one less thing to worry about. Always consider their safety even before your sales.

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