Online Shopping with The Best Social Media Company


Online Shopping with The Best Social Media Company

In today’s world, almost nine out of ten customers say they’ll make a purchase from a brand they follow on social media, and almost as many (87%) say they follow social media influencers to get shopping ideas.

Hence, here you are! In the coming years, social networks may end up being the only channel left, as they become more and more crucial to the customer journey. Quietly… people are becoming more at ease with the concept of social purchasing. And swiftly… social media platforms are changing and creating new embedded features that are evolving into platforms for online shopping, such as shoppable tags, product visual searches, and transactional chatbots. That is why, Webtek Digital, the best social media marketing company in Dubai, proudly claims that social media is the future of online shopping.

The Rapid Growth of Social Commerce

E-commerce that takes place directly on or through social media networks is referred to as “social commerce.” The pandemic has accelerated this transformation, which has transformed how people discover, shop, and makes purchases. According to this Hootsuite report, social feeds now account for more than half of online brand discovery, and eMarketer predicts that by 2025, U.S. social commerce sales will have increased to more than $79 billion.

Social shopping is the way of the future, and it’s bringing along opportunities that brands can’t afford to miss. So, as a business owner and e-Commerce seller, if you want to leverage the most of social e-Commerce, seek the best social media services in Dubai for your growth.

Talking about some big brands, Nike is selling directly in-app using Instagram’s Check out feature. Gucci is allowing Snapchat users to “try on your sneakers” in 3D. On TikTok, Levis transforms content creator videos into a “Shop Now” call to action… This is a worldwide digital movement. But where are you right now in terms of social media shopping? Do you need professional guidance from the best social media marketing agency in Dubai?

Understanding the Business of Social Commerce

So, what distinguishes social commerce? Fundamentally, it represents a significant shift in power from retailers and brands to individuals. It’s being accelerated by the rise of social media. In contrast to the relative anonymity of big-box retailers and the transactional emphasis of e-commerce behemoths, it’s commerce that’s available where people want to spend their time, and it’s backed up by the authenticity and trust that social connections provide. It’s nothing short of a democratic retail revolution powered by the people. It’s also extremely effective. Why? Because it combines social experiences and e-commerce transactions into a single path to purchase, all powered by a single platform.

Instagram Is Quickly Becoming A One-Stop Social Shopping Destination

Have you ever followed the evolution of social shopping on Instagram?

  • First, There’s the Call-To-Action Button:

Shop Now, Learn More, Subscribe… you’ve seen this type of sponsored post while browsing your Instagram feed for sure. You’ve probably also tapped on that interactive content on the spur of the moment at least once. So that’s it! That’s what the best social media marketing company in Dubai can do for your brand’s Instagram as well.

2022 is the era of social shopping – those Instagram experiences that connect users and brands, drive qualified traffic and turn it into the most anticipated conversion step. Instagram’s most recent social shopping feature debuted in 2019. It now allows customers to view images or videos of items in their feed and purchase them directly from the app.

Mobile Drives Retail Traffic

Mobile users are undeniably increasing e-commerce traffic and shaping the evolution of e-commerce. Mobile-first customers are driving M-commerce and gaining traction throughout Asia. In South Korea, for example, 82% of online shoppers used a mobile device to shop for groceries. M-commerce is also a popular way to shop online in Dubai, with 56.3 million orders placed in the first half of 2022. That is why seeking the best social media services in Dubai would be an ideal step for any e-Commerce business owner who is trying to make the most of social media and shopping.

The Effectiveness Of Social Commerce And Live Streaming

Social commerce is taking over the world as a new form of engagement. Purchases via social networks are increasing, with 60% of online consumers reporting at least one purchase via a social platform in 2020.

Social commerce encompasses not only the shopping transactions that consumers conduct through social networks but also the numerous new ways in which businesses combine value-based online shopping with social entertainment.

Keeping up with the latest trends and initiatives, as well as incorporating these insights into decision-making, is critical for a winning e-commerce strategy that allows marketers to stay ahead of the competition online. If you are also trying to stay ahead of the game, Webtek Digital is the best social media marketing agency in Dubai.

Using Social Commerce Tools In Business

So, what does all of this imply for brands, retailers, and platforms? One thing is certain: social commerce is a model you must adopt. It opens up new revenue streams for platforms at a time when digital advertising growth is expected to slow. There are opportunities for retailers to create new types of shopping experiences, connect in new ways, and engage influencers/creators. For brands, this entails embracing the shift from large to small, empowering small businesses, and engaging directly with consumers via social platforms. While still in its early stages, Webtek Digital, the best social media marketing company in Dubai can already see what the future may hold.

Enrich Your Brand’s Credibility With The Best Social Media Services In Dubai

When it comes to creating and engaging communities, content creators are a force to be reckoned with. Brands are collaborating with them across social apps and beyond to increase authenticity, resonate with new and existing audiences, and become a part of more online conversations in a personal and organic way. So, if you are also looking for a top-notch content and social media marketing agency in Dubai, Webtek Digital would be the ideal choice.