How Does Social Media Influence SEO? The best SEO Company in Dubai Answers!


How Does Social Media Influence SEO? The best SEO Company in Dubai Answers!


Do you want to boost the visibility of your website or blog in search engines?Are you wondering how social media can assist you?Social media and search engine optimization (SEO) are inextricably linked and will only become more so in the future. In this blog, Webtek Digital, a leading SEO and social media marketing company in Dubai will discuss how can you use both services to boost your search rankings.

When you begin a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, you are constantly looking for ways to improve it. According to Google, social media is not a direct ranking factor for websites.Furthermore, the vast majority of social media platforms do not rank posts based on keywords.

So, how can you combine SEO and social media to increase the visibility of your brand?Let’s look at some statistics and research done by an experienced digital SEO company.

  • According to records, sites at the top of Google search have the most social signals—comments, shares, and likes—when compared to lower-ranked sites.
  • Even Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines state that pages with more social shares are prioritized over others.
  • Experts agree that you can find out what people are looking for and then use that information to promote it with SEO on social platforms.

What Exactly Is Social Media SEO?

The search industry is constantly buzzing about how social media can impact SEO.Social media SEO refers to how social media activities can increase organic traffic to your website via search engines. Even it has become a recurring theme in several case studies as well.

The reason is straightforward though. Social media is important for SEO in more ways than one. It not only makes your SEO activities more effective but also more profitable.Yes, social media and SEO may appear to be distinct, but there is no doubt that they complement one another. That’s why, when you collaborate with Webtek Digital, a well-established social media marketing company in Dubai,  the experts recommend you to subscribe to their SEO services as well.

Social Media’s Impact on Rankings, Explained by a Digital SEO Company

Social media is far too powerful a tool for brands to ignore, and unless there is a seismic shift in user attitudes and habits, its value will only increase in the upcoming years. However, are you wondering how search engines use social media to rank your website? Let’s get into the details.

While Google has changed its mind about using social signals as a ranking factor in its algorithm, the official word, for now, is that social signals (likes, retweets, pins, shares, follows, and so on) do not factor into search results.

However, even if social signals do not directly impact your search rankings, social is still a very powerful SEO tool. Here’s how:

Your Social Media Followers Matter

Though social may only have an indirect impact on your rankings, one of the ways it does so is through the strength of your community. As a measure of your authenticity, search engines consider the size of your social media following. After all, you wouldn’t have been able to build a large community of followers if you only created phony clickbait content.

Do sham users count?Webtek Digital, providing the best social media services in Dubai, says“NO”.

Because fake users cannot interact with your content. Real users who click through from your social media accounts to your website or blog and share your content will eventually boost important website statistics. As Google attempts to determine authenticity and content value, that traffic can be viewed as concrete proof that you’re doing something right.

To Make People Discover Your Website, Treat Social Media As A Search Engine

What about your social media content? Do your social media posts have any value as backlinks? For your information, social media platforms rank search results based on keyword strength and popularity, your social presence should be well optimized for SEO. Consult the experts of Webtek Digital, one of the renowned SEO services in UAE to find out what exactly works for your brand.

The best Digital SEO Company will Sync Your SEO and Social Presence

At Webtek Digital, the experts will determine your foundational SEO keywords first, and then incorporate them into the headlines, summaries, links, and bios of each of your social media profiles. Using those keywords in the captions of relevant images you post works as well.

Because of the foundational keywords built into your page, people searching Facebook or another network may come across your company. They can then be drawn into your inbound strategy’s funnel.

Using Social Media Content to Increase Your Online Presence

The power of content lies in its ability to reach beyond existing consumers to find new audiences and potential customers. Content is not only shared on blogs and other websites, but it also ranks on search engines. As a result, your social media content cansignificantly contribute to your SEO.

Using Keywords to Drive Content Development

Webtek Digital, a leading social media marketing company in Dubai, helps you to create content designed to rank for specific keywords as part of your marketing strategy to increase your overall visibility on search engines.

Social media posts can end up in places other than traditional social networks. They’re used in blog posts and articles, as well as ebooks and SlideShare presentations.

If you create social media content that others want to link to, you will gain backlinks to your social media profiles and website, effectively increasing your search engine authority.

Webtek Digital Can Help You Unlock the Link Between SEO and Social

It appears that social media will eventually be linked directly to every website’s search rankings. For the time being, your social media should serve as an extension of your SEO; an inbound marketing tactic that has a direct impact on your online reach, popularity, brand identity, and influence.


When creating social content, keep SEO rules in mind. If your primary goal is to help your audience find your business, you should craft messages that set you apart from the competition. Keep your content brief, smart, and easy to consume at a glance. Most importantly, make it irresistible! Feeling overwhelmed with all the information? Seek professional guidance from the best SEO company in Dubai and you are all set for growth.