6 Top Tips To Utilize Images To Rank

6 Top Tips To Utilize Images To Rank

With more and more people browsing websites on their mobile devices, it becomes vital that you should create responsive webpages. Another essential thing is that you should utilize images properly to enhance both traffic as well as organic search results of your website.

Since it is seen that high quality images usually take long time to load, it is therefore important to optimize all of them and not to lose those prospective customers who may visit your site using mobile phones.

Well, now the question is how to use images properly so as to enhance your site’s ranking? Well, it is not that simple. Currently, image search in Google is increasing at a rapid rate which signifies that well-optimized images can easily attract new visitors to your site. That is why it is significant not just to upload any image but upload only the relevant ones. And the best part is that for image optimization you also do not have to spend long time and money.

Rules of Image optimization

Quite obviously, rules set by Google are supreme whenever it comes to rule of game for almost everything in web world and that is why SEO also has gained a new dimension as a whole. The writers are facing difficult times since only quality content will rank better, irrespective of quality of optimization.

With multiple factors to consider, often images are overlooked. However, this strategy may compel you to lose visitors in long run. Therefore, it is vital to optimize all the existing images on your site and even make it a routine to continue doing it for upcoming ones too.

As per research, Google image search can generate nearly 27 percent of daily queries. With Google having replaced ‘View’ image button with ‘Visit’ button, an increasing number of visitors are browsing your homepage on a daily basis.

Finally, this top search engine develops new image recognition tools like Google Lens and also Reverse Image Search and also develops ads on the Google images. Undoubtedly, images turn out to be powerful SEO tool in hands of SEO services in Dubai and across the world to increase your site traffic and also increase sales.

Below are 6 vital tips you should follow to use your images to rank

Increased traffic signifies that you use stellar content that is appropriate for the image and that helps to bring visitors to your targeted page. In other words, while advertising any product, make sure to accompany that image with proper product description. It is vital that both image as well as content

must be unique, properly formatted and also well-written. Ensure that the image must be of high quality but not too large in size since you need to keep mobile users in your mind.

Considering rising number of mobile users, it is important that the images should be small without reducing their high quality. Thinking how it is actually done? A SEO company in Dubai or elsewhere always use JPEG format whenever needed, since it is SEO friendly as well as image quality optimized. PNG format is the best option only when you require transparent background because JPEG format does not accommodate this particular option. However GiFs are used only for small-sized animations and it is also vital to remember that these are limited to 256 colors.

As far as image dimension is concerned, there are particular no specific rules for this. The only thing is that these images must not exceed average desktop screen resolution and it is 2,560 pixels in the width on average. Remember, that that the images automatically adjust to screen size which means that these images should be rightly formatted to get displayed as they should be.

At times, it seems to be quite impossible to make any larger image smaller. If such thing happens, then it is recommended that you should use different strategy to increase loading time of your site. Compression is right way to go for it. You should not use HTML or CSS in order to reduce pixels. The reason is that though image will get smaller in size the original size of the file will remain as it is. Currently, there are multiple compression tools are available in the market and most of them are available are free of cost. If you wish your site to display diverse image formats to improve browsing experience of your visitors, then you may choose to upload similar image in diverse formats. Use plug-in or attribute <img srcset=””> to select which particular image to be displayed.

Since images usually attract new visitors to your site through Google’s image search option and so on, it is vital that they actually are shown in the search results. And in order to get them there, you also have to name them in proper way and also offer appropriate image descriptions.

As being said, the image names as well as descriptions generally follow similar rule as that of content writing. Both the attributes should include targeted keyword. Unlike any written content, keywords in the image name must be separated by hyphens and not include any stop words such as articles, prepositions. It is obvious that your site must be responsive and also features relevant and unique

content. All the images must have appropriate alt as well as title attributes since these features can provide context to any image. Ensure that they are also written properly and also in concise manner.

Generally, images are used to help any content to rank better but in case of image search, it is just other way round. With stellar content being key factor in overall success of your site, it is also vital to remember that it must be relevant whenever it comes to your images.

You need to remember that the visitors reaching your site through Image Search option are looking out for extra information on targeted image. If image depicts any product, this content must focus on its entire features.

There is absolutely no point to use images to help page to rank better if you are actually doing in a random way and do not have any idea how effective performance turns out to be. Therefore it is vital to use image reporting in order to maximize performance. Well, Google Search Console is one of the common tools used for this purpose since it is user-friendly as well as insightful.

It is vital to note that search results can show diverse insights such as queries, clicks, CTRs, impressions, pages, countries as well as devices. However they do not show file names of images. Rather, they show pages where the images are visible. To put it in simple terms, Google Search Console does not differentiate between diverse images on a web page.

Considering everything it may be said that images may boost your SEO efforts effectively with minimal efforts. Ensure that you should grab opportunity to attract new clients since image search will be even more sophisticated in future. For expert’s help you can contact WebTek Digital, a leading SEO and digital marketing agency in Dubai. Be it web development and design, SEO, SMM or PPC, WebTek Digital comes up with complete digital marketing and web development services and also charges reasonable price. Still thinking? For details you may click  http://webtekdigital.com/

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