How Digital Marketing Becomes More Vital For Every Business During This Coronavirus Outbreak?

How Digital Marketing Becomes More Vital For Every Business During This Coronavirus Outbreak?

As the deadly coronavirus rapidly spreading globally, the whole world certainly is on a high alert, thereby struggling to deal with this pandemic. Presently, public safety is the topmost concern whenever it comes to coronavirus and the government too has rightly responded by encouraging all the people to avoid crowd and stay at home which is seen everywhere.

In the current times, there has been a behavioral shift where people have not only stopped going to workplaces but also stores, shopping malls where they would love to spend money at other times. With the customers remaining at home and mostly preferring online services- digital marketing seems to be more popular during this coronavirus outbreak.

In-person events

As already declared, forthcoming sporting events, musical concerts and all the community gatherings were cancelled. Even a major event such as Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan also has been called off. Therefore, event marketing has undoubtedly taken a huge downturn-with the government requesting everyone to stay at home and maintain social distancing.

How Should The Existing Marketers Need to Respond?

With cancelations at this huge scale, it means companies are curtailing on costs and therefore they take resort to services of digital marketing companies in Dubai and across the world. Because people will stay indoors and use their laptops or phones more than ever- with no travel plans and in-person gatherings- businesses should invest more on online as well as digital strategies.

How businesses could benefit from online shopping trend?

All businesses right from startups to topnotch brands face massive challenges because of this outbreak. Many of them are compelled to take decisions as to how to maintain their manufacturing process especially if they have manufacturing operations in China or other countries affected due to coronavirus.

Again, people are staying at home and it means out of boredom or necessity they are likely to adopt the habit of shopping online. Long term and also new shopping practices could evolve since people by now are more habituated in buying things online and less visiting the physical stores. Even after the threat subsides, this new habit of online shopping can breed long-term profits for online retailers and as for digital advertisers or affiliate marketers that are responsible for bringing in traffic.

What should be takeaway for all the B2C brands in the current times?

On product level, it simply means giving good descriptions, images as well as videos that allow people to have proper picture of what the product exactly looks like. From logistic point of view, you should be upfront about all kinds of product shortage as well as prompt communication about the delay or any update the moment you get them. Although stalled order is frustrating, still the customers will highly acknowledge your honesty. Moreover you might consider running effective digital marketing awareness campaigns aimed at reaching out to a casual Instagram user or bored YouTube freak. You never know this may create a good opportunity to make your first impression.

Always keep your audience in loop

The fast-paced nature of online marketing is highly beneficial especially when it comes to protecting your own brand from impact of this pandemic. Generally speaking, marketers are not responsible for maintaining public safety but it is vital for them to keep their communication fast and effective especially during this crisis. By constantly monitoring the situation as well as acting quickly, you will be able to mitigate the losses from any type of cancelation, non-refundable ad and many more. Suppose a particular area is subject to new and specific travel limitations or become the epicenter of coronavirus pandemic. And if you have hotel chain, your digital marketing agency in UAE you have hired must be ready to be able to update or if required deactivate any running campaign and instantly come up with the right marketing strategy that reflects on the situation.

Under any situation, you do not want the customers to book the stay, and then deal with hazards of cancelation procedure whenever they heard the news. It hardly matters how promptly you refund the payment but failing to be able to communicate this type of critical news instantly and your inability to take prompt action may not be good for your brand.

How Should A Business Update Their Communication Process?

Although damage control is a sure shot goal for travel companies, event marketers and other business brands that are hit hard because of coronavirus outbreak, it is the right time to create effective content strategy. The brands that offer right information about this pandemic and also its effect on the business operations are likely to improve their customer relationship and even create long term trust. One of the key reasons why communication is so important is due to the fact that there are multiple websites, advertisers as well as bots using misinformation just to sell the products. Well, keeping audience informed as well as focusing on delivering the appropriate message while delivering best services at right time can help audiences separate bad companies from the reputed ones.

Essential tips how to make use of digital marketing strategies during coronavirus outbreak?

  • Are you planning to do business online? Here are a few essential digital marketing techniques you may utilize at the present moment:
  • Use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN and other social profiles of your brand to create awareness and highlight your social responsibility as a brand
  • Build strong digital marketing cost per acquisition as well as marketing model. With more and more customers coming online, out of the box digital strategy seems to be crucial.
  • Opt for good video conferencing apps and make use of it in the present moment for communication and other business dealings
  • Choose chat solution like Slack so that you may communicate with the clients in real-time
  • Make use of good project management system such as Basecamp, Wrike and also get the file storage in the cloud by using Google Drive and so on.


Ultimately, it is quite obvious that businesses of all types take major financial hits because of this coronavirus at least for some time. At the present time, it is best to focus on positioning your own brand as the trusted one, whether it is communicating information instantly or providing high quality service. In this way, you may solidify lasting connections with the customers.

Currently, it is vital to approach one of the best digital marketing companies in UAE so that you can approach marketing strategy with a little bit of sensitivity. While planning, you need to think of long term basis. In future this blow will be over and your business will return back to normalcy and you should think then how will you maximize your sales and gain customers. Get proper plan in place and also start slowing ramping it up so that when this crisis gets over you are the first to market as well as capitalize the service or product in the way you want. Start planning your comeback story from now.

Hire one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies and be ready to scale this evolving marketing field and make a major come back soon. For complete digital marketing services, you may get in touch with WebTek Digital. Starting from PPC, SMO to SEO, you can avail everything in one place and the services they charge also are affordable. Go and explore the best digital strategies and do good business even during this outbreak of coronavirus and also afterward.

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