New Google Algorithm Updates To Increase Site Ranking And Traffic

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New Google Algorithm Updates To Increase Site Ranking And Traffic

Did you update your SEO strategy as per changes in Google Algorithm this year?

Google algorithm has a significant impact on SEO and your site traffic.  The broad core algorithm updates remain a secret and hence no one knows how exactly Google Algorithm Updates. Other officially named updates like Panda or Penguin help a site to avoid mistakes like low-quality content or spam links, which lead to a penalty.

If you want to rank your website on the first page of Google, then you must focus on functionality updates by Google. These are the updates related to your website design, content, speed, and others which impact your SEO in a positive way.

As per 2019 Google algorithm updates here are few things to help you develop better SEO strategy.

  • Create high speed, mobile-friendly website

With around 3 billion smartphone users across the world, mobile and tablet searches have surpassed the desktops searches. So you must create a website that is adjustable to mobile or tablet screen size and has high page loading speed. By creating accelerated mobile pages your site will load on mobile phones instantly. You will surely gain high traffic and boost in brand visibility, a factor necessary to accelerate lead generation.

  • Use creative, informative, and relevant content

Google loves websites with high-quality content, which addresses all the queries and concerns of the user. Sales should not be your main goal but to satisfy your customer. If your visitor does not find your information relevant, your site will experience high bounce rate. You cannot add value to your visitors by creating enormous backlinks. Do not forget to use powerful keywords and title tags –  vital key ranking factor this year.

  • Monitor Analytics, click-through rate and link authority

Use Google Analytics to know what people like to read or what factors lead to high click-through rates. Usually sites ranking no. 1 have high CTR because of attractive meta-descriptions, title tags, engaging content and good quality backlinks to their site. Poor backlinks lead to low link authority and traffic!

These are the top three tips to improve ranking in Google in 2019. If you are seeking professional help then get in touch with WebTek Digital, the best SEO company in Dubai offering impeccable website designing, development and digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, SMO and others.

Contact today to recover ranking and traffic again!

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