SEO Services In Dubai For Your Business Growth In The Present

SEO Services In Dubai For Your Business Growth In The Present

By now, nearly all businesses have started to feel impact of this deadly coronavirus pandemic. Well, you may close down your offline store for foreseeable future that definitely creates uncertainty in your life and also that of your employees. You may also have to cease digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) work to reduce expenses during this crisis.

However, it is the worst mistake that you are going to make!

For anyone reading this blog who do not understand about SEO-well, it signifies a vital process to ensure that your site will be easily visible to the search engine users.

Therefore, it makes a sense that while individuals are trying to avoid going outside, you must not step optimizing your website or marketing it online!

Social distancing and lockdown regulations of government are hurting the businesses. But your search engines gains as well as losses are just directly related to gains and losses of competitors. To tell you specifically, if you completely stop optimizing your site now then you are actually giving your competitors the scope to enhance their market share. Therefore, if you do not wish to fall behind in competition, then you must not cease your digital marketing now.

So, what is the best way to utilize SEO as well as digital marketing while social distancing measures remain in place and all the employees are compelled to work from home? Here are a few tips mostly suggested by top 10 digital marketing companies in Dubai and across the world so that you will remain unscathed in terms of business profit when this crisis caused due coronavirus diminishes.

Plan webinars to be used in future

Why not utilize this free time to plan about the type of webinars you want to host? Even if you are unable to host them currently, you at least should be ready to show your business in best light when the industry picks up back. The best SEO services in Dubai and other countries often suggest that hosting webinars is vital especially for B2B businesses. As per recent survey, almost 91 percent of professionals prefer to learn from webinars over any other kind of content.

You may host webinar to give answers to FAQs or you may also introduce your customers to the team while at the same time showing them that door is open for business even though you are limited only to online trading.

Do a mini audit of your website

Conducting an in-depth SEO audit takes time and often requires an expert’s help. To do it, first, you should create inventory of all content assets, if you have not done it already. You can use Excel Sheet or Google Sheet and then create tabs for the following:

  • Webpages
  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Whitepapers
  • E-books
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Externally published articles

Now you should assess your content in order to find out how you can re-purpose the things for diverse other channels or platforms. Moreover you can analyze the kinds of content that actually attracted maximum social likes as well as shares, backlinks and also determine what kinds of content drive maximum traffic to your site. Whenever you go through content, you can also make improvement to CTAs as well as keywords and even update outdated content as well as add few internal links to relevant service pages or blogs.

Interview your employees as well as clients

It is now your perfect time to gather relevant information for your future blog posts as well as company’s updates. You may do so by interviewing customers and employees in order to collect feedbacks that provide best insights on how exactly to enhance your own service or offering. You can use Google Hangouts or any other app for video call or conferencing for this purpose.

Aim to be visible on diverse search engine results pages

Maximizing visibility on search engines needs gaining the first page position for diverse keywords and not just high traffic ones that directly related to your products or services. During your busy time you may not get time to create content that specifically target at early stages of buyer’s journey. And now that you have some time, you may begin to dig deeper into kind of content that you may publish in order to attract more traffic to your site.

Begin the task of recording catchy videos

In regards to SEO, attractive and relevant videos may help you to:

  • Target long tail keywords or key phrases that have high rates of conversion
  • Get your website into featured snippet
  • Appear in the relevant YouTube searches
  • Use videos to create different kinds of content like audio interviews, transcribed blogs as well as infographics

You should not forget to embed these videos into the blog posts and then post them on social media feeds followed by 5 to 10 quotes. You may also reuse all those quotes or hooks in media releases in future

Improve way how you handle company’s reviews

There is hardly denying of the fact that motivating people to give a review for your company is necessary. And you require people who can speak positively about their own experience of working with you. However few companies make the mistake of not replying the customer reviews that actually reflect about their poor customer service skills. If you are such a company that has multiple reviews still remain unanswered then now might be the right time for you to sign into Yelp account and start replying both positive as well as negative ones.

Optimize your Google My Business profile

Do you wish to attract your local customers? If so, then you just need to have a good Google My Business profile. Especially, it is an effective tool in the current scenario. As you already know, you are can update various details of your company on GMB profile that can then be seen by the search engine users. Ensure that accurate working hours as well as contact details are given.

Tweak your site a bit

When you are flooded with clients you might not get adequate time to tweak your website and make it better. Now that you have lesser number of clients during this pandemic, you can contact one of the leading web development services in Dubai to let your site to have a facelift and also make it more SEO-friendly.

Get rid of unnatural links

As SEO sector continues to evolve with each passing day, it is becoming obvious that all unnatural links may disturb search ranking of your website. For instance, one site was penalized by Google because of the fact that this site had more than 18000 unnatural links.  Once these links were removed, then the site easily gained top page position on search engine result pages or SERPs. Make sure that you remove the unnatural links and are now ready to make wonder for your own business.

Create an effective outreach strategy

Well, whether it is right to start reaching out to your targeted customers now is certainly dependent on the industry you are associated with. Most of the companies can reap benefits by improving existing relationship with the clients, especially considering the fact that SEO is as much as about marketing as it is about communication and client service. You should think how you can connect with the customers as well as give reassurance as well as genuine support. Try to affirm yourself as a responsible and authoritative industry leader and someone who always gives priority to the clients.

Go analytical

Down the years you must have surely collected loads of client data that you hardly used.  Cannot you really use it for any purpose? Or did you simply lack time to analyze it properly? Now it is the right time for you to sit with these data to know more about your clients. You should even reflect on why you missed the opportunities to utilize them at the right time and what you should do to prevent making the same mistakes in future. Whatever data analysis you have failed to do in the past, it is the right time for you to do it at the present moment.

Take support from WebTek Digital now!

At WebTek Digital , a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai and India, we know that this coronavirus pandemic is affecting almost all kinds of businesses. But as you can understand from above points, now it is not the time to stop your SEO as well as digital marketing activities. Rather it is the best time to make most of SEO and digital marketing to run your business. And at WebTek Digital, you can avail complete digital marketing services, right from PPC, SEO to SMO and that too at affordable rates. What are you thinking? For any query, contact us now. You may visit our website We’ll be happy to serve you now.

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