Why There Is High Demand For Website Design In Dubai?

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Why There Is High Demand For Website Design In Dubai?

Do you want to rank your website on the first page of search engines? Are you having a responsive website?

Well, you must be wondering what is the relationship between rank and responsive website design. Right? Then you must first know what actually is a responsive website.

A responsive website is the one that can quickly adjust to the screen size of the desktop, mobile phones, and tablet browsers without disturbing the layout or ease of navigation.

In short responsive websites look visually appealing on any device, which ensures engaging user experience. This trend led to a high demand for web development companies for responsive Website Design in Dubai.

What are the advantages of responsive websites?

Responsive websites have fast loading speed, which compels the users to stay longer instead of leaving the site. This is the reason websites that are not mobile optimized have a high bounce rate.

Responsive websites serve the same HTML code on the same URL regardless of the user’s device. Another wonderful advantage of responsive websites is support from all browsers like Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Isn’t it great?

Why responsive website design is a necessity?

  • Google prefers responsive websites because they are easy to crawl and index
  • Growing mobile phone penetration in the UAE’s business hubs.
  • The ecommerce industry is growing by leaps and bounds stimulating online shopping.
  • Customers are spending longer time online making it easy for brands to promote products and services.

Mobile searches are surpassing the desktop searches not only in UAE but all over the world.

Responsive websites are the need of the hour because it increases user accessibility and browsing duration with friendly features.

With growing internet and smartphone users, it is easy for any business having mobile-friendly website to find its target customers online. If you want to boost your online brand visibility, then a responsive website is a must.

Search engines also prefer responsive websites, which makes it an important SEO (search engine optimization) metric to rank high. Hence, websites that are responsive enjoy high traffic and rank.

Stay abreast of latest trends to win a competitive edge

90% of the clicks go to websites on the first page of search engines. If your website is not one of them, you will lose your business to your competitors. Want to stand out in the crowd? Then stay updated with the latest SEO trends to get better output from your digital marketing efforts. Make your business website responsive and stay ahead of the digital game.

Looking for professional help?

Get in touch with WebTek Digital, the best digital marketing, and web design company in Dubai offering impeccable website designing, development and digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, SMO, and others.

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